Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 20, 2010

Travel fave: YakPak Hobo bag

I can be a magpie when I’m travelling – constantly picking up many shiny and non-shiny objects. I see buttons, stickers, flyers, free weekly newspapers, or magazines and all these items end up in my bag as I wander around a new city.

I like the relaxed shape of a hobo bag when I’m travelling – something that doesn’t look too formal or urban, fits my laid-back attitude and boho tendencies ( and if needed can be squashed into a smaller space!).

Yak Pak has created four styles of hobo bags, one of the hot must-have items for us girls to have in our purse wardrobes this season.

Made with a soft cotton exterior and satin interior with two interior pockets, the Yak Pak hobo bags come in three sizes, the wee Sabrina, the bigger Megu and the largest, the Nobu.

With 10 colourful pattern options, this bag can easily pair with any outfit, and can hold many an item acquired during the day’s exploration.

For more information: YakPak


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