Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 22, 2010

Travel fave – Heys Fashion Spinner Blue Morpho luggage

Can you imagine not having wheeled luggage? I’m reminded of that everytime I have to walk the distance while travelling with my suitcase.

A few months ago my favourite Heys small case was irreperably damaged by an airline, and I mourned its loss, since it had been a good investment and travelled with me many places.

I don’t need to replace it – but I do have a fascination with the spinner suitcases – and its four wheels style.

Heys has a collection, Fashion Spinner, which comes in sets of three suitcases at 21″, 26″ and 30″ or sold individually. Each suitcase is lightweight polycarbonate composite, has a built-in TSA-approved lock, built-in divider mesh pocket inside and with the two larger sizes, the suitcase is expandable.

My favourite is the Blue Morpho – the bright blue wings of a butterfly that to me is a noticeable, stylish and classic. Heys offers this collection in many different patterns including Freestyle, Monarch, Parrot, Flamingo, Animal Prints, Azteca, Python, Plaid and solid colours.

For more information: Heys

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