Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 11, 2011

Dining out: Langdon Hall beignets, Savour Stratford, Stratford ON Canada

The beauty of a food festival is always the array of food – and at the Sunday Tasting at Savour Stratford there were many fab tastes to be had.

I have benefitted more times that I can count from visiting New Orleans, Louisiana. Its a fun city with a long pedigree of fine dining and distinct cuisine. The beignet, their version of a doughnut, is a favourite that is hard to beat, especially since its tied to the city’s Cafe du Monde, a bustling place where chicory coffee and icing sugar are never in short supply as endless customers order the beignets.

So when I was told by Chef Jonathan Gushue that he had made his own version of beignets for Savour Stratford, I wondered if I would like them – Langdon Hall beignets filled with goat cheese and coated in granulated sugar:

Very tasty and very different from the original – a new variety that has convinced me to make reservations at Langdon Hall very, very soon.

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