Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 11, 2011

Dining out: Poffertjes, Charlottetown PEI

I like to snack. And when I’m travelling, its a good way to keep up the energy when exploring – especially when you’re walking everywhere.

When I was in Charlottetown, I spent a lot of time walking around the city.

One afternoon I was feeling a need for a snack, I looked around for my options and came upon the pretty black and white store front of Poffertjes on Victoria Row.

I first noticed the glass chandelier hanging inside and then was hit with the warm scent that can only come from batter and sugar – now to discover what exactly had my mouth wanting a taste.

Poffertjes look like small pancakes, but are soft and creamy in their texture, a hint of vanilla in the taste and served warm with icing sugar. Although I was impressed how many came with one order, I easily ate them all, standing at a table outside the shop, watching the shoppers walk by and other diners enjoying a late lunch or a drink in the sun.

So although this popular Dutch treat was being served to me on Prince Edward Island, making its debut on this side of the Atlantic in the great white north, it made sense to me.

I’m a traveller who grew up in western province of British Columbia and found herself on the east coast of Canada in Canada’s smallest province looking for a new treat – even if it did come from The Netherlands – its all about the discovery.

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