Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 1, 2012

Sleeping like a princess

When it comes to accommodation for this traveller, I prefer simple.

Clean, safe and practical are my favourites – I don’t need the largest tv (which I never turn on ) or the hundreds of lights (which I dislike figuring out how to turn off) or even the largest bed (I still inevitably sleep on the left side).

But I appreciate design and decor in its various forms – for the unique colour combinations and for the range of textiles and textures.

Most hotels are far from the eclectic decor of my home, reflecting my taste and travels, not appealing to the mass amounts of people who will reside in these spaces for short periods of time.

And although I would never say anything I like is traditional, there’s a certain allure of traditional decor, which I got to experience in Colorado Springs at The Broadmoor Resort.

This majestic hotel is a jewel – a lovely, welcoming place that is not stuffy nor conservative. And when I opened the hotel door and spied this bed, I immediately wanted to just stay put.

It’s in that moment that you realize that certain things are not in your daily life, but a wee treat wouldn’t hurt at all.

A soft luxurious bed with tons of pillows and lots of frou frou details – I happily tucked myself into the layers later that night, and slept soundly, all the while imagining myself as a young child, who dreamed of this kind of bed. Somehow my Sears matching set of bedspread and curtains didn’t measure up.

So traveller, don’t pass up the opportunity for living a life you would never choose – in that moment, it can help you relive a past dream or give you an one-off experience of living like a princess.

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