Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 6, 2012

Seeing art everyday is a good thing

Travellers are regularly treated to doses of art as they move around the world – from historical sculptures of world leaders to modern sculptures, sometimes hard to decipher.

I seek out art – whether its graffiti in the alley or a painting in a gallery.

I adore indulging in visual art. But I think its important that everyone gets a little bit of art in an easier way – and thankfully sculpture is the most common.

Although its become a traditional addition outside big buildings, the use of sculpture is still overlooked.

I sometimes stop to look at a piece of art, and also to see how many people take notice. Most of the time they notice me as I’m standing still, but are so used to the art, they don’t even see it anymore.

But just because most of us are ignoring the art, doesn’t mean its any less worthy of being there. Think of the LOVE sculptures, in cities like Philadelphia, Scottsdale, Indianapolis and New York City, which have been there for decades, with hundreds of locals streaming by, but the scupture still resonates with many who stop to look and take photos.

As I wandered around the Carnegie Museum of Art on a warm May day, I was glad to see so many people deciding to take a break in the museum courtyard – not only enjoying the sun and gentle breezes but checking out the sculptures. Now this crowd is obviously interested, but as a visitor to the city, it cost nothing to sit on the patio and look at the art.

Although many consider art exclusive or a luxury, there’s plenty to see all around that costs nothing but time, and the benefits – priceless.


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