Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 18, 2012

Getting into the habit

Once I get into a habit, I’m pretty good at keeping it up. Travel has become one, and exercise has become another – but combining them? It doesn’t always work for me.

When I’m at home, I spend my day in front of my laptop, so I’m easily convinced to head to the gym to start the day or break up the day.

But when I’m on the road, travelling for work, I’m hard to convince to get into the same mode. I can come up with many excuses – need to check email, write notes or take photos.

Now I know my days aren’t the same – I’m heading out to check out a city’s offerings or explore an island or visit some unique local area, so my schedule isn’t just about me.

But when I’m staying at a place that has a swimming pool or a gym, why wouldn’t I go do laps for a half hour or get on the treadmill like I do when I’m at home.

I’m not completely sedentary when I at home nor am I when I’m travelling so its not like I revert into a creature who wouldn’t walk for five minutes just because I’m not at home.

I decided to push myself with my new theory – that its a challenge to do a workout on the road – and I should try to do at least one – even if its not my usual excercise. It would be good for me to clear my mind and take some time to consider what I’m experiencing in my destination.

But I will admit if I see a marketplace, cool art gallery or a lounge chair near the beach or pool, it will be a stronger pull to do that, than push up my heartrate and get sweaty.


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