Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 19, 2012

Just one bite…

I love eating local – its one of the best side effects of travel.

But sometimes, I feel guilty eating some of the luscious tasty offerings that come my way. I don’t want to miss out, or say no to a rare savoury or sweet experience.

The unfortunate reality – I want to eat everything, but I can’t eat everything. Its a constant battle of taste vs health.

When I’m on my own, its a lot easier to eat less and ask for smaller portions. And when I’m with a group, I encourage everyone to share, so we can all taste, but not have to finish endless amounts of food.

In Pittsburgh, my group went to dinner at Meat & Potatoes, a popular local eatery, and the food was certainly tasty – and plentiful. Thankfully we were all happy to share, so that we could taste.

And to me one of the most dangerous items is mac ‘n’ cheese. Its luscious and tasty and unfortunately not that good for one’s healthy diet. But that creamy mix of pasta and cheese sauce (and many other additions) makes it hard to resist.

The Meat & Potatoes version came with peas and taleggio cheese – creamy, hot and bubbly out of the oven. It was definitely an item to taste. Just one bite right?

I had two bites – and then was happy to try other items – short rib flat bread, fried pickles and arancini. And to know that my tasting is the key – I have the knowledge, but I hopefully won’t be waddling out of restaurants.

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