Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 22, 2012

Finding my nature postcard

I’m among many who love being in the outdoors, especially by myself. Whether its a park in the big city or out hiking in the middle of nowhere, I’ve always indulged in time in a patch of green.

When I’m back in my home province of British Columbia, I take the time to find a quiet spot, a place to recharge and give me a boost of local environment.

On my last trip it was a visit to North Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon, where I spent a moment looking down at the waterfalls from the small suspension bridge.

It was a perfect moment – and my timing was good, as there was a lull of people on the trail. I could look down at the rushing waters and have my time with them.

My photo of the waterfalls was like a postcard for myself – so when I had those moments when my work day was aggravating or stressful, I could take a moment to look at the image and remind myself of a quiet time with the only sounds generated by Mother Nature.

Its one of the best prescriptions that come from a trip – a visual memory of a beautiful environment.


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