Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 25, 2012

Discovery on the high seas

I have no sailing skills. But I’ve been lucky enough throughout my life to go out on boats – from small BC lakes to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Off the coast of Baja, I headed out onto the open sea on a Fun Baja tour – happy to feel the cool breezes coming off the water and to see the water changes from a pale translucent blue that you find close to shore to a deep blue, with no sense of how deep it really is.

I look at maps all the time, and I know how big the ocean is but it never feels that overwhelming to me. For me it feels just like land, but I wish I could see more.

I think I’ve realized that stagnant views don’t interest me. I like the changes that come with the ocean – the wildlife, the plants, the shades of the water thanks to the sun. I like the way water is never exactly the same, reminding me of a forest of a desert. It may look all the same from afar, but close up its constantly in motion.

Mother Nature had some fun with these creations on the planet – covering so much space, but each as individual and unique. And although I know I’ve seen a lot, I do know there’s more to see.

So I continue my pursuit of the high seas from as many vantage points as possible – and here’s to trying to decipher the secrets of the ocean.


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