Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 27, 2012

Welcoming the night

I remember first visiting my friend Patti in the Bahamas and asking her what she missed about Canada. She told me she missed the change of seasons, since in the Caribbean, its either the rainy season or not the rainy season.

But she also missed the long evenings in the summer, when the sunset would be so late, and we’d all stay outside well after 9pm in the dying light of the sun. In the Bahamas, once night falls, it gets dark very quickly.

But oh so lucky in another way – a long night means that its a lot earlier to see the moon and the stars. And in places where there’s very little ambient light at night, thanks to the small population and highrises, all those stars are easily seen.

So when I was on the island of Grenada, I enjoyed each day to the fullest – exploring, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking – happy to be in the warm sun and swim in the sea.

But as the night would come, as people gathered at restaurants or bars, or sit on their porches socializing in the cool evening breeze, I would wonder if they gazed at the sky above.

I welcomed the experience, to be able to see the night sky, another benefit of being on a small island in the Caribbean Sea.

On the island of


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