Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 29, 2012

Its all about the food in Trinidad

I was excited to go to Trinidad & Tobago – I know many lovely Trini people and knew it would be fun, interesting and vibrant islands to explore.

And then there was a discussion about the food I need to try.

My friends told me to go see this part of the island, and to visit different parts of Port of Spain. But then it was a long list of local favourites I must eat.

Everyone was focused on what I should have – doubles, roti, curry, milk fudge, tamarind balls, fresh coconut, bake and shark, crab and dumplings, palau – it was an endless list of tasty items. And I happily undertook the challenge to taste it all.

Thanks to the influences of so many cultures, all with spicy palates, the food options and combinations on these islands are endless.

And with my first meal – breakfast – I knew I was in a place that would be good for my stomach. Along with the pretty array of local fresh tropical fruit and typical breakfast items, I spotted soemthing that became a morning a ritual – local fish and channa curry.

Tasty, spicy and good for you – how can you not want to try this? And a bit of pepper sauce to add a hit of heat….


  1. OMG I miss Doubles! They are the most delicious thing on this planet. Luckily my travels are still keeping my lust for doubles at bay. Check out my site if you get the chance. I don’t cover food, but it’s also about travel.

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