Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 6, 2012

The big city of the Caribbean

When most of head to the Caribbean, its all about the beach. Perhaps a rum cocktail. We think of these islands as party spots, places to let loose and forget about cares.

But these islands aren’t just tourism destinations, as the island of Trinidad handily shows. Its a major port of this region, and with a focus on oil and natural gas exports, its an island with a different focus.

So don’t be surprised when you see a picture of the downtown – there aren’t any white sand beaches, towering resort strip or people wandering the shoreline selling souvenirs.

In this city, its like many others, with a focus on business and financial, with a downtown that has sidewalk cafes, fast food joints, high end restaurants, as much as bank buildings, office buildings and plenty of parks inbetween.

But its a city that I liked – because its residents were oh so friendly, happy to stop, smile and chat and always happy to point you in the right direction, whether its to a local monument or to find a place to buy roti or doubles.

So don’t come here expecting the postcard tropical visions of the Caribbean, but know you’ll have a great time – it just won’t be on white sand.


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