Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 10, 2012

Do you stop for modern art?

If I owned a car, it would probably have the bumpersticker: I brake for modern art.

And although I love going into art galleries and any kind of space to see art, I’ve come to love sculpture, since it combines art and the outdoors.

On the north shore of the city of Pittsburgh near PNC Park, the city worked with landscape architect R. Jackson Seay Jr., to create Allegheny Landing, a 2.7 acre sculpture park.

Running along the north shore, the theme of the sculpture park is labour – perhaps unusual for art, but definitely reflective of a city proud of its industrial roots.

As I wandered the pathways to look at the art, I realized how powerful sculpture is to its counterparts. It immediately creates a curiosity – especially this piece by artist George Sugerman, called Pittsburgh Variations.

Its bold, brightly-coloured and hard to miss among the greenery and buildings. At first glance, I thought of a science fiction creature – rising its headless body to the sky.

But then I looked closely and I saw the labour elements – the shapes of the metal pieces resembling construction pieces. The bright orange that reminds me of construction equipment.

And then I moved – and it really looks like construction equipment, like a front-end loader about to dig up the dirt.

I took my photos and walked away, but I looked back and saw others, stop and stare – and I wondered what they thought – what came to mind, what occurred to them.

And I was even happier to have that moment – experiencing my view of the art, seeing others stopping for art, and knowing that it happened every day.


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