Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 13, 2012

The joy of vacation

I don’t really go on vacation.

It’s a fleeting concept when you’re a freelancer, and especially if you write about travel like I do. Most of your time is focused on work, and when I’m not travelling, I working on fulfilling assignments about where I’ve been.

Its not that don’t get to experience some amazing places, meet fascinating people and learn so much more about the planet.

But its all related to my work – and although I’m happy that its my career, the concept of taking time off for a week just doesn’t happen very easily in my world. I envy friends who take a week off work without having to even check their email.

I try to plan time to myself – especially when I’m at home, and to see my friends, so that I can have time that I can almost call holiday.

And although I can’t escape work completely, I can go off in the morning and ride bikes with my young friend, and get that feeling of being on vacation.

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