Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 17, 2012

Tasty lunchtime treats

Its always fun to explore new destinations, but going back to somewhere for a second time can be a memory-evoking good time too.

On my first trip to Grenada, I went to Belmont Estate and spent a lot of time learning about local spices, fruit and chocolate. This time it was all about lunch.

In the airy wood dining room, lunch started with callaloo soup, a dark green slightly thick concoction that doesn’t look as appetizing as it tastes.

Its incredibly good for you with its high nutrition values of iron and minerals, but its also something that took me back to my first visit, reminding me of trying new tastes on this island.

I had never heard of callaloo – a large leafy plant that is similar to spinach – and grows anywhere on the island, an easily cultivated plant for any homeowner (or even seen on the side of the road).

Next was a buffet of options – stewed lamb, sauteed eggplant, salads and my favourite: green papaya salad – which resembles potato salad, but is in fact a fruit. Its creamy and starchy, and just as yummy, but in my mind maybe a wee bit healthier?  The mix of Caribbean flavours inspired by the gardens of the estate make for a hearty lunch.

Shaded from the strong lunchtime sun, it was another memorable meal, tasting the savoury and sweet offerings of  Grenadian cuisine and making me hope I shall return again, to discover something new for my taste memory.


  1. Callaloo is one of my most favourite things in all the universe.

  2. Callaloo is one of my most favourite things in the universe. My mum (and now my youngest brother, too) makes it with spinach (callaloo bush is less available at local grocery stores, and a pain to clean besides, apparently).

    • I LOVED callaloo soup – so yummy! Healthy and tasty….

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