Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 18, 2012

It’s All Greek To Me

The idiom It’s all Greek to me is one of those phrases that for a certain generation, you know what that means – saying something is incomprehensible.

Although its been used for years, the assumption on the meaning is that it refers to comments by scholars of the Middle Ages, who didn’t know the ancient Greek language and couldn’t translate the early texts.

But because this phrase is so familiar, its a perfect use in popular culture, especially for a restaurant – where its familiarity becomes more of a positive than its negative meaning.

At the end of my Bits & Bites Burgh Food Tour of Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighbourhood, the last stop (but certainly not least) stop was at It’s Greek to Me, a neighbourhood joint that offers a tasty range of Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Its a simple place, decorated in blue and white, and the food was tasty. But the place was more than just a restaurant – it felt like visiting family – and those small places that welcome you in, take dining to level that is without pretense, and is far from haute cuisine.

Its not about eating local (although many of the items served are locally-sourced) or about the chef (although everyone knows who makes the food) but it is about enjoying, eating and having a good time. And sometimes dining just needs to be simple and not incomprehensible.

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