Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 19, 2012

A lucky view

Have you been on an excursion on the water when you were promised marine wildlife but didn’t see any?

Knock on wood, I’ve been lucky on all my trips and have always spotted something.

My first trip was off the coast of Nova Scotia – a summer day to see whales.

My friend and I took a chance, picked a place on a whim and went out on the water – and were thrilled to see pods of pilot whales.

I’ve always remembered that excursion because of the family who accompanied us – parents and their two teen sons.

The boys were bored and not into the experience at all – until the whales started to surface. Their excited comments and happy faces were unforgettable – just from seeing some of nature’s biggest creatures come to the surface of the ocean.

Last month I was on a boat trip off the coast of Tobago – exploring secluded beaches and going to snorkeling areas. And at one point, the boat captain spotted a dolphin, gracefully moving through the waves.

As we stopped to see the dolphin, I looked around at the fellow passengers, all reaching for their cameras, excited like young kids. We oohed and ahhed, and then started squealing as we kept seeing more and more dolphins. An entire family had surfaced after feeding.

And although many of us had seen marine wildlife before, it didn’t matter. That moment in seeing an amazing creature like a dolphin is true joy – and no matter what age you are – it’s an amazing sight every single time.


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