Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 27, 2012

How to beat the heat – get into the rhythm

Spending part of my summer in the sultry city of New Orleans, I’ve figured out how to beat the heat. Well, in reality, its all about embracing the heat.

I’ve always like the heat – give me high temperatures, humidity and a reason to seek shade – I’m happy. Give me ocean or even a pool – even better.

On one of my excursions while visiting the Crescent City was to head to the Audubon Zoo with my young friend – to spend the morning checking out the animals and then have a picnic lunch on the grounds.

As we humans walked around with hats and umbrellas to protect ourselves from the unrelenting sun – I noticed the animals all had the right idea.

They were either sleeping or sitting in the shade – or keeping cool in the water. There was no aggressive behaviour or any fast movements – it was all about moving slow and keeping cool.

Going to see the orangutans, only the youngest member of the family was active – the other two older primates were happily sitting in the shade, watching the little one swing around.

And I so decided the best move was to wait until later in the day – for when my friend and I went on our bike ride – to explore and go faster – for the day was all about moving slow and getting into the rhythm of the city.


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