Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 2, 2012

Spicy challenge of Trinidad

I’m always up for the spicy challenge. And I regularly get the opportunity to test it.

Now I know I can take the heat – but I’m not interested in just hot – there has to be flavour.

I admit I seek out the challenges at time – especially in my quest for hot sauce.

Visiting the island of Trinidad, I knew when they said hot, I’d be happy to try, but would be wary. I know these islanders love their spice.

But what I didn’t expect was to find sweet and spicy – in the form of snacks. I was introduced to pineapple chow – fresh pineapple marinated in spicy green chili sauce.

Found at the lovely Trini Treats, a roadside snack bar on the way to Maracas Beach, there was all kinds of fun things, including this fruit and chili concoction.

My two colleagues tried it and were freaking out at the spicy aftertaste. So I was cautious, not wanting to show off, or react with a wince thanks to a strong chili or seed.

As I bit into the sweet of the pineapple, the spicy was glorious to me – both were somehow happily paired and I was happy to eat away.

They looked at my face, and my smile told the story – as well as my continued eating of the slice of pineapple.

There was no need for bread (or the common choice of water, which doesn’t reduce the heat fyi) just a pleasant sensation of sweet and spice – something that truly is an example of Trinidad.


  1. Maracas!!! Happy memories 🙂

    I’ve never tried this pineapple snack of which you speak. Sounds tasty!

    • You would love pineapple chow – I’ll have to find some in Toronto for us to try!

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