Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 6, 2012

Street life transformations

Travelling opens you up to new experiences of different cultures – and I’ve felt that life on the streets of a city reveals more than words.

When you see an empty street, with no people, its either scary or desolate, while when you see a street jammed with people you’re either enthralled or anxious with its energy.

Walking in downtown Denver, it was a workday when I arrived, so the streets weren’t as busy in the mid-morning, but the presence of the Play Me, I’m Yours street piano project, lured me to hang out, as it did others.

The project installs pianos decorated by British artist Luke Jerram into downtown areas, in hope of sharing music and community.

So although it was a time when most people are in the office, the streets of downtown Denver drew those who were on their way to other places to stop and take a listen.

And on occasion, someone else would sit down at the piano, and try their hand at the keys – whether it was a young kid or an adult, remembering their past piano lessons, it would be fun to see creativity in action.

As I watched people regularly stop and take a listen, even if for only half a minute, it transformed a quiet street to a music venue.

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