Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 7, 2012

History slowly disappearing

History is often enshrined in buildings, museums, statues and books. But on the island of Grenada, there’s a small part of their history that is actually seen on the runway.

In 1983, the island was under threat of a takeover of their government by a Communist group – and had the US military come in to help them put down the takeover.

Years later, the old airport runway is now an area where goats graze, kids ride bikes and where a couple of Soviet-made planes are decaying, disabled and left behind after the takeover.

There are no tours or official signs, but this part of the island’s history is just as interesting – an old plane that came to challenge, and now is probably a play area for kids, a piece of metal that the adults ignore and for the rare visitor – a curiosity.

So many things are missing – decayed or destroyed by Mother Nature or the military – but one can still see some bullet holes and even see where the plane’s toilet once was. I even noticed one lone pair of seats.

It was eery and interesting – the kind of history where a little information spurs the imagination – since this plane isn’t military issue, but still represents a past that has become only part of a history book in a dusty library.


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