Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 8, 2012

The simple things celebrated in sculpture

I like when art isn’t a simple display – especially when it can confound at first glance.

In downtown Pittsburgh, where art is very easy to find, a recent installation makes everyone take a second look.

But its that simplicity of capturing an action that makes this art more interesting.

Does hailing a cab or sitting on a park bench really art? How about painting a landscape or a parent enjoying a moment in the park with a child?

The artist created figures that not only have a wee bit of trompe l’oeil but also make the viewer take a moment to stop and think – that’s not a person is it?

As I took the photos, I purposely made it seem the figures were people, taking them from a distance or from an angle to enhance the thought that they could be real, instead of sculptures.

And although the actions of the “art” aren’t unique or odd, everyday activities illuminated this way makes them seem more precious – and something to do – whether you’re travelling or not.

It certainly made me think of Pittsburgh of having a broad artist community – one that embraces the elegance of classic sculpture to the thought-provoking modern sculpture, all in the same Cultural District.

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