Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 15, 2012

An art loving city

I’m not sure why no one thinks of Pittsburgh and art as being synonymous – because this city is happily packed with art in every direction.

It was the reason I wanted to visit this city and it certainly wasn’t hard to find numerous examples of the wide range of art. I wouldn’t have had to step into a gallery to see a lot.

As I wandered the city, spotting traditional sculpture and light sculptures, murals and graffiti, I knew this city had a long time love for the arts. It could easily rival New York, Paris or Florence.

And as I recently read an article in the NY Times on a Pittsburgh dancer/choreographer, now wowing audiences in New York, he attributed his arts education to his hometown.

And the prestigious New York Times writer expressed surprise that this happened in Pittsbugh. Obviously that writer has not spent one minute in this Pennsylvania city.

Whether its at the baseball park, walking through the cultural district or heading through the business district, Pittsburgh’s love of art is always easily found. As home to the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, The Frick Art & Historical Center, Wood Street Galleries, Toonseum, and The Mattress Factory Art Gallery, this city has endless options to satiate any art lover’s desire.

I was just in the city for four days – and I can’t wait to return, to see more of the creativity found so easily on the streets and in abundance in the numerous art galleries and museums that makes this industrial city a must visit for art lovers.


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