Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 28, 2012

New Orleans is in my blood

As I hear the constant updates about the imminent arrival of Isaac on the Gulf coast of the United States, and the upcoming anniversary of Hurricane Katrina tomorrow, I am sad for those people who’ve had to evacuate, and send good vibes to those who decided to stay in those parts of northern Florida, Albama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

New Orleans is a city that has a definite resolve to survive, no matter what happens. Its not that the city expects the bad to happen, but when it does, they know they’ll take care of themselves – a fierce pride to continue on.

Thanks to Dirty Coast, a New Orleans business who has put into words and design the local sentiments of so many parts of the city, but this one is for those of us who aren’t there right now:



  1. Thanks, we’re feeling your love…

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