Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 5, 2012

Noticing the little things

I’ve become a big fan of hiking – which to me is just another word for walking, but instead of pounding the pavement, you’re probably on a dirt, wood chip or pebble trail.

As I explored my first hours on the Bruce Peninsula Trail, my guide Don happily pointed out a lot of things along the way as I peppered him questions about how the trail was created.

One of Canada’s oldest and longest footpaths, the trail extends from the Bruce Peninsula to the Niagara region in southern Ontario, showcasing a huge diversity of flora and fauna.

As I walked, I tried to figure out what I saw – what kind of trees and bushes, if I could recognize a bird call or figure out the name of a flower.

As we kept going, Don showed me many of the unique aspects of the trail. He did say due to me coming along this way in August, I had missed his favourite time of year, which was spring when all the wildflowers crowded along the sides of the path.

But there was still a few flora to be spotted, including this pale pink wee flower, a type of geranium.

Even with the overwhelming size of trees and expansive bushes, vines and moss, this little plant had found its home, and thankfully wasn’t suffering despite the number of people exploring.


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