Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 10, 2012

Signs of NOLA

Like any city, there are plenty of signs – highway signs, street signs, store signs and neighbourhood signs – and my favourite, funny signs.

The sense of humour in New Orleans is distinct – and becomes even more funny when you spend time here.

From the silliness of Bourbon Street with illusions to frequent imbibing, to the comments about locals ie. Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s smoking section and its pointed comment on local musician Kermit Ruffins – signs are a fun way to describe the humour of this city.

One of my favourites is the One Way sign – which tends to be altered all through the city. There’s something about the black and white sign and its simple phrase that is begging for locals to make it into something else.

I’m not sure how it got started and its probably not one person who is responsible for the alteration of so many one way signs – but its become a noticeable trend.

And now there’s even a charitable side to some of these signs – if you see Dat City or Dat Way its a fundraising effort for local charities. The power of signs to help – more than just giving direction.


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