Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 12, 2012

It’s all about the cellar

It’s fun to go to a winery – but there’s one spot that everyone covets – the cellar.

It may start with the tasting room, or even if you’re very lucky, to head into the vineyard and see the grapes and vines.

But really, we all want to go to the cellar. We want to see the barrels and all the bottles. Doesn’t it just seem like magic is made down there?

In one way its like theatre  – a revelation happening behind the curtain – coupled with a lot of patience, hard work and science.

Lucky me, on a recent tour of Niagara wineries, I got to go into the cellar of Henry of Pelham for a tasting. In the cool, dimly interior, surrounded by barrels and bottles, it felt comforting and welcoming.

The slight dusky scent of humidity and fermentation  added to the appeal of learning more about recent Henry of Pelham vintages.

And after the tasting, climbing the stairs back up to ground level, I had a moment of wanting to stay. To remain below ground in the cool  instead of emerging into the bright sunlight.

But I did emerge, to go on a Segway tour of the vineyard with colleagues – rip roaring around to see the different varieties of grapes ripening on the vine, before they too would find themselves in the cellar.

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