Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 14, 2012

Water attraction

I’m easy to predict – if there’s water involved, I want to go there. Ocean, lake, river, pool – I’m all about getting in the water.

I’ve realized that’s what has encouraged me to visit certain destinations and what makes a destination even more interesting to me.

And its encouraged some side effects – like becoming a better snorkeler and pursuing underwater photography.

My continuing learning process has been fun – since its always tied to being in the water.

Recently on a trip to Wisconsin I tried to take some underwater photos in the lake – but my settings were off and I got a lot of greenish blue blobs.

In my rush to go underwater I had put on the wrong settings – and once you’re underwater its not easy to change settings – as I found out.

So I looked back at some photos I had taken in the past to see where I had gone wrong and found this one from Grenada. Its an image of one of the popular sculptures found offshore created  by Jason deCaires Taylor.

The sculptures are equal parts odd and fascinating – and thanks to my luck of the draw I got this image of part of the sculpture, a circle of people on the bottom of the sea.

It reminds me of why I was lucky to return to Grenada, and why I’ll keep trying even though I get annoyed at myself.  Because sometimes there’s a gem to be found, lessons to be learned and the opportunity to get back in the water.


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