Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 26, 2012

Your new home

For someone who travels often, hotel rooms are like a second home – its where you feel safe, you can store your stuff and create the home away from home.

The first glimpse of a hotel room is one that makes a lasting impression – especially on me.

I prefer a room that is filled with light – and I admit, I adore having a large bathroom, even if its only me using the room.

When I walked into my studio suite at Hockley Valley Resort, I loved seeing the large windows, the red accent in the decor and the desk space for my stuff. No climbing behind furniture to look for an electrical outlet.

I giggled at the fact that my hotel room, which is smaller than my apartment, had two flat screen televisions, one across from the bed, the other, across from the leather sofa.

Somehow in a hotel room one should be surrounded by all essentials in less than a foot. Light switches, entertainment, electrical outlets – all within fingertips.

I always look into every drawer and open every cupboard, although I rarely use them – but I admired the sleek style, the dark wood tones and the organization.  I try to think about how others would use the room – where they would put their stuff and how they would use the space and its contents.

And the last thing I do, when I know I’m not leaving my room, is to lie on the bed. For some reason I keep it as a gift to myself when I know I’m done with emails, tweets and photo editing.

And this bed was warm, comforting and the perfect way to end my day.


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