Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 28, 2012

The crystal blue Sea of Cortes beckons

I’m a sucker for the sea – and today as I remember the places I’ve been in the past few months – especially all destinations that focused on the water.

I can easily conjure up my delight in swimming in this shallow bay in the Sea of Cortes.

Since most of my group was happy to lie in the shade or go kayaking, I was alone swimming in the bay, and can still remember the warmth of the water – which felt gentle on my skin as I slowly swam farther out.

Nothing was a mystery in this water – the white sand below, the strong sun from above, and the water was clear. I could spot small silver fish – and hoped to see something else moving along the bottom of the sea.

A sailboat was moored out in the bay – but the residents had also gone kayaking, and it seemed just as happy to float on the water as I did.

All I saw was sea and sky, occasionally peering at the desert landscape inbetween, as the salt water kept me happily floating until I was told I had to go.

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