Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 2, 2012

The sculpture connection

I do believe in the power of art to connect us – whether its the creativity of the artist or a recognized image – art can make us feel part of the same community.

As travellers we often leave things behind – whether its a book or a map or passing on information through social media, we want to share, help, inform and have a conversation even if its not face to face.

One of my favourite exchanges is something that doesn’t really communicate something other than I was there – a bit more sophisticated version – via the inuksuk.

An inuksuk is a stone landmark, originally done by tribes people of the Arctic. Non Inuit are most familiar with the stacking of stones to resemble a human figure, but there are many variations.

Yet so when we see an inuksuk in Canada, especially in southern Canada, we know its probably done by non-Aboriginal people, but its a way of saying hello – of making a connection, without saying a word.

So as I saw this small inuksuk on the shores of Georgian Bay near Cabot Head Lighthouse, I smiled, knowing that someone had been here and taken the time to stack the stones and send a message.

Is the message a hello or a I was here? Was it done the same day or weeks ago? It leaves you with questions, but in the best possible way – to encourage a traveller to continue the conversation.


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