Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 3, 2012

Sitting at the chef’s table

I have no problem with being on my own when travelling – until it comes to dinner.

I really don’t like having dinner by myself – especially if it means I have to sit at a table in a dining room surrounded by groups of people.

I always feel like I’d rather just pick up my plate and leave.

But I’ve figured out that there are options – either sitting at the bar or counter – which is always a friendly spot – or when I’m lucky, sitting at the chef’s table.

When I arrived at Cabin at Hockley Valley Resort, they had reserved a lovely table for me – but I was lucky to ask and receive a spot at the chef’s table.

Up close and personal, I could see the chefs rhythm develop, as they worked in tandem creating the orders that had come in via the staff. The two chefs were in a dance, balancing the heat and cold, the ingredients and timing to offer up dishes cooked to perfection for hungry diners.

I saw what had been ordered, the development of the sauces and the unique scents of cooking from the various items sauteed, grilled, and roasted.

And with all this activity going on, I barely had time to think about myself, or being by myself. I was curious about the sauce, what ingredient was added to the accompanying vegetables or who had ordered the tenderloin.

I could take photos, and eventually even ask questions, when the chefs had a moment in between orders.

Better than Food Network (thanks to scents and eventual tastes of my order) and a learning experience. I always wish I could share the experience, but being on my own, its not too bad at all when you’re in the best observation spot.

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