Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 4, 2012

My fish tale

I know nothing about fishing – and although I grew up around many lakes, I was always more interested in being in the water than trying to hook something from down below.

Visiting Elkhart Lake, I decided to try my hand at fishing – to see what it was all about.

I got up early, put on my comfortable clothes and headed to the meeting point to go fishing – it was me and the boys. One was our guide and two others were fellow fishing types.

The fishing day began with us driving to our launch spot, and heading out in a boat on the quiet of Elkhart Lake. There wasn’t anyone else on the lake that we could see.

As the guide turned on the sonar, we could start to see streaks of dark, which meant there were fish lurking below the surface of the still lake.

We each had our spot, quietly chatting and then sitting silently, looking out over the lake and contemplating.

My colleague got the first bite, but soon I felt my line get heavy and was told to reel in the fish – my first! Up he came out of the deep, fighting me to stay in the water.

The guide grabbed the fish and took out the hook – and I was very happy to say I’d caught a fish. Frankly, I could have stopped there – not needing anything else to justify getting up early and learning the steps of fishing.

But we moved to another spot and we all kept catching fish and then I caught Fred. Yep, this fish had a distinct look, probably due to an injury long ago, so the guide recognized the fish as he had caught and released him a few day previously.

So we named him Fred, took photos and let him go. Although a small mouth bass, he was the big catch of the day among the group – and I was proud to have reeled him in and let him go back to explore the depths of Elkhart Lake.

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