Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 8, 2012

The Yuppies are Cummings

For most urban centres, the construction of condominium buildings, highrises, office towers and multi-use high towers is a common sight.

Its a sign of urban renewal and a strong economy – it takes a lot of money to start the development process and many people are employed during the process.

As someone who is continuously learning about architecture, I’m glad to see new buildings – but I do believe in preserving the old. I don’t think that a new building is the only way to support urban advancement – sometimes the revitalization of an old building is a better fit for a neighbourhood.

Wandering through New Orleans, its a city that prizes itself on its distinctive architecture. And its the reason why so many visitors take photos of the French Quarter, Garden District and some many other neighbourhoods of the city.

One of my favourites is Faubourg Marigny – especially for its cultural heart – Frenchmen Street. When I saw this poster in the door of an building, I took a quick snap, fascinated by the image and the words.

I wish I had taken more time, to take a photo without the reflection – but in a way, its part of the poster. The odd language says it all, even if it references the moniker of a group of people popular three decades ago, it states the belief in change doesn’t need towers, highrises or architecture that doesn’t compliment a neighbourhood.


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