Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 11, 2012

A tree’s history

I remember learning in class about the rings of a tree representing the years of its life. I would look up at the old pine trees and wonder how old they were.

I realized that a tree could tell you a lot about a place and how it survived.

On the central coast of California – where the sea and the wind are constant – its a unique place for any kind of plant, and especially for those trees hugging the coast.

As soon as I spotted this tree on the edge of Moonstone Beach in Cambria, I knew it had a story, even if I couldn’t figure out its age.

Its survival was thanks to the environment, and the effects of the constant wind had left this tree looking like its in perpetual motion.

So what did this tell me about Cambria? It made me think about how the locals lived – with a constant knowledge of the wind’s effects on them and their surroundings.

It made me think this part of California wasn’t as fixated on Hollywood style – it was all about Mother Nature.

And it made me glad to know that its imperfections made it perfectly suited to survive here for as long as possible.


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