Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 25, 2012

The lure of forest

It’s no secret that when you visit British Columbia, the landscape is going to be the fixture of your camera lens.

For me, its all about the mountains, which means there’s going to be a reason to get in the forest.

Whether its a trail through Stanley Park, the city’s oldest park, or to head into the nearby mountains on the north shore or in Burnaby, there’s many ways to get up close and personal with old growth trees.

On my recent visit, I was exploring my parent’s neighbourhood and discovered there was a trail from their townhouse into the forest.

So off me and my Dad went, and within minutes we were surrounded by the tall trees, the sun blocked from us. The temperature dropped and we walked along, knowing we were minutes from houses, but feeling like we were hours away.

No traffic sounds penetrated our forest walk, and the occasional scurrying of a squirrel or chipmunk was the only wildlife we encountered. And as we took our time, taking photos and admiring the height of the trees.

It felt right – like a major thing we should all do to insure we’re gotten into the rhythm of a destination. For BC, it means getting up close to Mother Nature, the proper welcome to this west coast province.

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