Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 26, 2012

Morning view: a meaty view at the St. Lawrence Market, Toronto ON Canada

One of the favourite places of shoppers in the city, this display of bones at one of the St. Lawrence Market butchers would make any carnivore salivate:


  1.! i remember st lawrence market well…used to visit as often as i could when i lived in TO! but as ive said before somewhere…the thing that killed it for me was that stuff you call “freezing rain” in ontario! after a few moments in that, i decided to up-sticks and move to a better climate…BC!

    • Just don’t visit Toronto in winter!

      • hehe!
        winter in TO? no way…..!! TO can keep its snow…we have our own variety here….!

      • oh you mean endless rain right?

      • hehe!

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