Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 26, 2012

Revisiting the familiar at home

I’m not fond of the term staycation – it makes your travel seem like its somehow limited or stuck.

Living in a big city with so many options, those who don’t live here wonder how we cope with all that is available. Well, we don’t.

Most of us keep to a few neighbourhoods, around our home, rarely venturing out beyond those borders unless we are lured by someone else.

Because of work, I’m often running around the city more than the average resident – seeing the different neighbourhoods and finding out what’s new.

But I was happy last week to revisit the familiar, and head to St. Lawrence Market for lunch with a visiting friend.

A fixture of the downtown for over 200 years, the market has been adding many accolades this past year, including being proclaimed by National Geographic Magazine as one of the world’s best food market.

For me, its not the stereotypical peameal bacon sandwich on a Saturday that is the market (although for many its a weekend tradition).

I head downstairs – going to my favourite spot for perogies, cabbage rolls and beet salad – European Delight. I’ve always walked away with a smile on my face.

So that’s where we went – a favourite for us for several years and even if St. Lawrence Market had never been known outside of Toronto,  that tasty lunch that never disappoints from European Delight would always be my recommendation to anyone going to the market.


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