Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 30, 2012

Family dining – small town style

When we discuss fine dining – especially those restaurants who make a difference to cuisine, we usually talk about establishments in large cities.

But, there are those restaurants who choose to be in a small towns, and offer a dining experience that is just as memorable than any big city offering.

In Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, a resort area that has many a well-to-do visitor to its town, it has a surprisingly wide range of dining experiences, including the unassuming Paddock Club.

Led by two sisters Lynn and Cheri, the restaurant is named for a former gambling club of the 1900s. A comfortable place, with a dining room, open kitchen and long bar, The Paddock Club may appear simple small town, but its cuisine is easily big city.

My group was eager to try many items on the menu, so we ordered plates to share – so we could taste as much as possible. And eat, eat,  eat we did.

I’m not one to eat pasta very often (I’m one of those people who eats rice almost every day) but when I saw the first pasta option that arrived at our table, I knew I’d be happily eating my way through the pasta course.

Spaghetti, linguini and ravioli – all handmade by Chef Lynn Chisholm and her staff – and would make any Italian weep with joy. Simple and elegant, not overcooked or overdressed.

I had survived appetizers and went on to sample entrees and dessert, but for me, the pasta was SO good, I wished I could recreate it at home.

But then it wouldn’t be in a cosy dining room, sharing laughter and stories with new found friends and enjoying pasta made with seasonal ingredients and with a definite dash of big city in a small town.


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