Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 1, 2012

Is this Vancouver?

Looking at this image – does this say Vancouver, BC to you?

You’re probably thinking of the ocean and the mountains, or seeing the iconic images of Stanley Park, the oldest park of the city, that resembles a small forest on the edge of downtown.

And all that is beautiful and worthy of many photos – but how about this other side of this big city?

It’s a city that has many alleys – now a place where the power lines are hidden, where some parking is still kept for local business owners and the garbage and recycling bins are stored.

And then there’s me, wandering the alleys, looking for some of the unique graffiti that can be found between parked cars and razor wire.

As I went into one alley, there was someone washing the ground near their garbage bins, and was curious about what I was doing. When I explained, he pointed up the alley and told me the  better stuff was farther along.

As I kept wandering, I ran into several people – some who were employees, some who were hanging out, and all happy to offer me an opinion or tell me a story.

One man told me that a new piece of graffiti had just gone up on one wall the day before and showed me where to look.

I steadily kept taking photos, and getting advice, and soon I realized it was time to go meet my friend. Now I know that during the day this area is relatively safe – I wouldn’t advise wandering around downtown alleys at night.

As I walked to my meeting, I realized how the alleys were just as welcoming as the Seawall path – friendly people, offering a hello and a chat. Just as proud of the alleys as the coast.


  1. hmmm…be very, very careful in those alleys…even during daytime…i almost got killed in such a place not long ago…:(

    • I definitely kept my wits about me – and as I said, only during the bright daytime….

      • yeah…you got it!
        even when i lived in TO, i tried to stay away form the alleyways etc…i know TO is still very safe…but i wouldnt like to push my luck…!

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