Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 9, 2012

Bold colours, memorable places

I’ve been learning about colour – and how I can play with it in my photos of different destinations.

When I looked at the photo that was posted earlier from my trip to Boston, I didn’t see the endless rain and gloomy sky – I saw the neon of the street lights and tail lights and the burst of colour from a sculpture installation.

So when I went back to look through photos from a trip to Chennai, India a few years ago for a story that I was working on a few weeks ago, I came across this image.

I realized the advertising on the side of the bus was just as attractive to me as the two men on the motorbike – and that it had been raining, which added to the contrast and texture.

I loved that the passenger had taken fabric to wrap himself while the window was open on the bus and I could see a passenger standing – everyone on their way somewhere – home, work, to the shops, to see friends. It didn’t matter to me that the sky wasn’t perfectly blue and the sun shining – or event that I was shooting quickly out of a bus window.

It was a good reminder to me that landscape imperfections are just as interesting – and that travel is filled with highs and lows, perfect moments and many imperfect occurrences – just take the shot!

For me, travel is  about experience and learning – and hoping for the ability to see more, no matter how it will unfold.


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