Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 14, 2012

All the different people

Toronto’s moniker as a multicultural destination is definitely apt – as a resident for several years, I’ve always noticed the unique mix of people found on the city streets.

What first attracted me to the city was its neighbourhoods – the ability to visit a foreign country within the boundaries of an intersection. Want a taste of Italy – College & Clinton – need to visit Greece – head to Pape & Danforth.

As the city’s grown, the neighbourhoods have increased – from the traditional Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Indian, Polish, and Greek to Turkish, Korean, Somalian, Moroccan, Vietnamese and Latin American.

In the city’s Kensington Market, the swirl of cultures and food are easily found – from the Chilean empanada stand to the place that sells Jamaican patties or the Mexican burrito place.

So when I noticed this new mural in one alley, it made me smile. It was all faces – painted in black and white – all in a backdrop of big buildings.

And to me it epitomized the cultures of the city – all together in one place – but happily able to be distinct within the borders of Toronto.


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