Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 16, 2012

An elegant Oakville lunch

My most hated phrase – eating for fuel. What does that mean?

Eating doesn’t have to mean junk food or unhealthy – nor does it have to mean an obsession with calorie counting and dissecting each dish into categories.

I’m a fan of eating real food – and to indulge in tasty options when you can.

As someone who gets to eat out for work a lot, I’m always happy when a restaurant meal lives up to expectations – like it did when I had my five course lunch at Salvatore’s Restaurant in Oakville.

So not only did I indulge myself but I also worked on my macro photography to learn about photographing food – as quickly as possible since I wanted to eat!

To start, bruschetta – and then classic carpaccio with arugula and parmigiano reggiano:

And then the pasta course – vegetable strata with root vegetables:

And to please my meat-loving companion – slow-cooked lamb with stuffed gnocchi:

But did I have room for dessert?

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