Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 19, 2012

A new image in my mind

I always picture California as being a warm, sunny place, where everyone is hanging out at the beach, with their convertibles ready to take them back to the city.

Its not far from the truth, but like any place, California has many landscapes.

Discovering the Central Coast was a revelation to my image of California – it was dry, rolling hills and the beach wasn’t this soft place filled with bathing-suit clad people – at least not all the time.

There were rocky cliffs, rocky beaches and small towns interspersed with farms, ranches and vineyards. No one was in a huge hurry and everyone had some connection to the land.

But it was the cliffs above the Pacific that caught my attention – these rocky spots that one could image made a very different view of the state compared to the typical beaches of southern California.

I was amazed that in the morning, it was cooler, and sometimes foggy. By lunch time or the early afternoon the sun would arrive, transforming these areas into an even more interesting view. Meanwhile, head from the beach into the hills, and be prepared for heat and sun.

Spending a relaxing afternoon wandering the cliffs of Pismo Beach, I hiked down the paths, walking inbetween the cliffs to the rocky beach below. The main sandy beach was in the distance, a wide expanse that reminded me of my image of California.

But I preferred this beach – where the seals played off shore, and the birds flew between the cliffs, and where Mother Nature decided to make it look distinct from the rest of this sandy shoreline.


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