Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 22, 2012

Dedicated to the ocean

Wandering around Cambria, California’s boardwalk in the morning is a pretty quiet place.

A few people walking their dogs, the fog slowly lifting and the sounds of the waves hitting the rocks and beach are the many distractions.

But when I reached the end of the beach, I spotted a small group of men, who were getting their kayaks reading to go fishing.

They were putting on wetsuits and organizing their gear – knowing that they would be spending a few hours in the turbulent ocean.

But the look on their faces was utter joy – and they hadn’t even left yet.

As they prepared to explore and see what ocean creatures would allow them to get close, I kept walking to get a new perspective of the view.

As I looked out and saw the changing colours and the disappearance of the fog, I realized that fishing was a good excuse, but it was really about the challenge of man versus sea.

The Pacific Ocean would only be like this at this moment for a short time – and as someone who regularly makes track to any beach in her vicinity – it felt like a special moment to watch the sea welcome these believers.

I knew that challenge well – and admired them for getting up early and wanting their own time with the sea.

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