Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 23, 2012

Fascinated by cooking

Can you remember the days before Food Network? When cooking shows were an occasional inclusion in the progamming schedule of local television?

I always think of the Galloping Gourmet or Julia Child – two mainstays of my childhood that were both intriguing and slightly odd at the same time.

Not yet bitten by the cooking bug, I wasn’t sure why someone would watch the whole show – how exciting is it watching something boil on the stove top or come together for the finished dish?

Oh how times of changed – I’m fascinated by this process – whether its a cooking show, friends’ dinner party or in person chef demonstrations – I love them all.

Travelling has helped me see cooking in fancy kitchens, on the beach and outside a tent – and each experience helped me appreciate the process even more.

So although a demonstration in a downtown Toronto space was not exotic, nor the environment challenging, it was a pleasure to watch Chef Craig Harding make pappardelle with chanterelle mushroom sauce on a Panasonic induction cooktop.

He talked about not overcrowding the saute pan with mushrooms – so they wouldn’t steam, but would saute. He talked about having the right size pot for the pasta, so that it keeps at a rolling boil to cook the pasta and prevent stickiness.

So as I learned, watched and tasted, I made a mental note to want to visit his restaurant Campagnolo – and to celebrate our pull to explore via our stomachs.


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