Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 28, 2012

An artistic legacy

After an artist has died, the value of their work usually increases. Its morbid thought that the end of creativity will make the existing creations a financial gain.

Despite this analogy, those of us who appreciate art are happy to go see the paintings, sculptures and installations – but rarely does something get created after the fact.

But in north Scottsdale, a bright blue spire at the corner of Frank Lloyd Wright Road and Scottsdale Road was a design created by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1950s, but only built in 2004.

The spire was a proposal by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Arizona State Capitol which was rejected. And decades later, this 125 foot steel and glass structure was constructed and installed, a bold beacon of the desert.

I was struck by its colour, a compliment to the surrounding shades of cream, brown, beige, red and green of the desert, as well as a match to the sky.

And I loved that it wasn’t part of anything – it wasn’t in the entry way of a local office building, art gallery or government building – it was just solo, standing tall on its own next to a shopping mall parking lot.

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