Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 30, 2012

Savouring the tastes of Fabbrica

Toronto - Fabbrica aranciniHow do you choose?

I’ve become a fan of smaller menus – its a lot easier to figure out what will satisfy the palate at that time.

But sometimes its daunting when given a few very tasty sounding options.

A five course meal is certainly not a regular ocurrence in my world – but it does happen occasionally in my work world. And when it does, I’m committed to trying each dish, wanting to honour all the hard work.

And frankly, I like food. And I’m happy to taste!

Visiting Fabbrica for the first time, I liked the modern decor style for Mark McEwan’s rustic Italian restaurant. And as I started my meal with Arancini – balls of risotto made with fontina and accented with truffle cream and tomato, I knew this dinner would be as tasty as it was good looking.

And for my second course – Brussel Sprout salad with pecorino romano and walnuts – with the sprouts shredded instead of being kept whole:

Toronto - Fabbrica Brussel sprout salad

And the pasta course: Ricotta gnocchi with fresh tomato, basil and burrata:

Toronto - Fabbrica gnocchi

And my entree – slow cooked Short Rib with polenta and tomato passata:

Toronto - Fabbrica short rib

Each course was paired with a variety of wines selected by Fabbrica’s sommelier – and since it was a large group, it was very festive to share our opinions on what we were tasting. I did save room for dessert – but you’ll have to wait awhile for that revelation.

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