Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 4, 2012

Becoming a kid in a flash

Toronto - Distillery District ferris wheelI’m thankful for travel – and one reason is because it reminds me of being a child. I love that feeling of joy and excitement derived from something that was beyond expectation to me when I was young.

And one of those things was the ferris wheel.

How can you be sad when you see the ferris wheel? It means excitement, adventure, and a few minutes of fun. There’s nothing to but sit back and be transported around and around, seeing the vistas of the fairgrounds and the town around you.

And I know I’ve always loved the wee bit of freedom that comes with that ride – that feeling of being far away – although really you’re only temporarily high up in the air.

I know for some its a bit scary – being high up and slowly revolving – and having no control.

But for me, it was the start of an adventure, without going upside down, spinning so much I got dizzy or having the feeling of being shot through a canon.

Travel is a little like that – and I subscribe to the more gentle adventure – I don’t need to hang off a cliff or be put in any extreme danger to get my adrenaline rush. I like the small rush of the unknown, just like when I was younger.

So I guess that’s where I can attribute my excitement when I’m about to go somewhere – its that little bit of joy I discovered early on when I got on the ferris wheel.


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